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our platform is currently under redevelopment and ceasing publication admissions at this time.

Our relaunch is expected to commence within the next few months under a new domain. We appreciate your patience.


Literature & Arts Publishing

Welcome to Ink Bowl, an international literature and arts publishing platform for students. Ink Bowl accepts a broad range of visual art forms and non-academic literature. Within the Ink Bowl Community of select authors and artists, you will have the opportunity to publish your work and be recognized by a global audience. 

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide students with a creative outlet and the means to go from a committed or casual hobbyist to an internationally published author or artist.


As a multinational platform, Ink Bowl Publishing strives to unite students from across the world. We have received submission applications from 400+ cities in 60 countries, working with diverse creators from some of the most prestigious educational institutions spanning six continents.


News and Updates