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"Poetic Makeup" is meant to show who I am behind the poems I write and the internal struggles of being a poet/literary artist.

Get me loose, catch me fresh-

Cuz as soon as the evening wind humms

This world is scratched beneath my rugged breasts.

There's adventure on the voyage of psalms,

There's beauty in a senseless mind.

Senseful taste in a fruity tongue- that is the poet.

Open your eyes, see my words walk down the street,

See the hate- feel the busts of blood on a city gate.

I'm a woman on so many levels,

But beneath the Xeroderma and antidepressants,

I'm a daughter. I am the daughter of the silenced poet.

Pull on my wild strings. I'm just a sound mind.

I work two jobs but I can't rhyme a line.

There's a glide in my stance. There's pride in my eyes.

A symposium of music in my heart.

But no open seats for love on my side.

You see, that's the way of the poet. The lonely,

Deserted possession.

It's the art of freedom, the craft of soulful expression.

But in the closet of my deepest soul

it can feel so soulless.

Just like a cradled gunshot wound

It creates my poetic makeup.

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