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Ready to spill some ink?

Apply to publish your work to Ink Bowl by filling out a short application.

The Application Review Process


Once you’ve submitted your Publication Application, your work will undergo a series of steps that compose the Ink Bowl Publication Process. The procedure is outlined below. 

For new submissions, please expect the application review and publication process to take three weeks. The latency period may vary based on the submission volume at the time or the lengthiness of your application.

Average Submission Acceptance Rate

Literature: 35%

Visual Art: 42%


Download Materials & Initial Application Review

Application materials are downloaded to our database. Submissions are then reviewed and determined if they are prospective candidates for publication.

What is considered:

  • The Publication Application is fully completed,​ and questions are answered appropriately to maintain the requested formality 

  • The overall quality of the submitted work

    • For writing, this includes grammar and spelling  

  • All Submission Guidelines have been followed

Final Judgement

If an application passes the Initial Review, it is further examined for stylistic elements and coherence, whereupon a decision is made regarding its acceptance or rejection. Computational software is utilized to check for plagiarism and verify submission authenticity. 


Editorial Phase

As customary for all accepted work, The Ink Bowl Publishing Team will eliminate spelling and grammatical errors before the final publication if necessary.



Once the Editorial Phase is completed, submissions, publication descriptions, and cover art are formatted to be compatible with our platform. Your Creator Profile information is uploaded, as well. 



The final step in the publication process involves sorting the new publication into its appropriate category and assigning “tags,” which describe the specific nature of the work or indicate any relevant “trigger warning.” The Ink Bowl Publishing Team also elects the publications that will be listed as “Featured” on our website.




Rejected applications are given a Summary Report, encapsulating the reasons for which Ink Bowl has denied publication of your submission. You can access this report and opt to receive additional feedback by filling out a Rejection Explanation Request Form.

Qualifications and Guidelines

Ink Bowl solicits submissions from high school upperclassmen, college and graduate students.

Visit our About page under the Submissions section for more information regarding the types of writing or art we publish, further instruction, and guidance. 

  • All content should be original, including all attached image files (including cover photos)

  • Ink Bowl only accepts submissions in English

  • Literary pieces submitted as a separate document are required to be formatted in Times New Roman Font, size 12

  • Diligently proofread your writing for spelling and grammatical errors; We advise you to use free AI aids such as Grammarly to help you during the proofreading process

  • Visual art must be uploaded as a clear and high-quality image (PDF. file recommended)

  • We do not accept research and literature that cites outside sources

  • Applicants must accept Ink Bowl's Terms and Conditions and comply with our Community Guidelines

Note Before Submitting

Please review your work thoroughly for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors before filling out the publication application.​

  • Ink Bowl strives to publish work held at a high caliber; Both literary and art submissions will be reviewed and may be rejected for quality and content purposes

    • If your work has not been uploaded within three weeks, we recommend​ making edits before resubmitting 

    • You may opt to receive additional feedback by filling out the Rejection Explanation Request Form here

    • Common reasons for rejection include: spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, sloppiness, stylistic choice, visual appearance, and inappropriate content

  • The review process required for literary submissions typically takes longer than that of visual art, and therefore you should anticipate a longer wait before a final decision is made

  • Any specifications regarding the display of your publication can be noted at the end of the submission form

  • For already well-furnished pieces, minor corrections to spelling and grammar will automatically be made if needed, but no stylistic elements will be altered

    • Ink Bowl does not operate under a peer-review process

    • Work lacking a solid foundation will not be considered nor edited for you

  • We encourage you to send us an email if you wish to make alterations to an already-published piece

Free Resources

Online Proofreading Tools




File Converter

File to PDF Converter



We are no longer accepting entries to the Winter Competition.

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Get In Touch

Due to the large quantity of applications, we are currently experiencing a delay on submission review and publishing. Please expect the process to take up to 4 weeks.

If we experience complications with the formatting of your file or find it inappropriate for the platform, you will receive an email from to let you know. This does not apply to work rejected for quality reasons. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or to request any changes of your publication. 

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