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Terms and Conditions

The following passage will appear on your submission application. You will be asked to provide your signature. Assent is mandatory to complete the publication process.

You agree to have your work published publicly on the Ink Bowl website under your name/pseudonym. You also confirm the authenticity of all documents, images (including cover art), and writing as your work and deny the act of plagiarism under all circumstances.



You have read and complied with Ink Bowl Publishing's Community Guidelines.



You accept that minor corrections to spelling and grammar will automatically be made if needed, but no stylistic elements will be altered.


Additional details, such as personal social media links, profile pictures, pronouns, and publication descriptions, will be displayed if you have optionally checked off those boxes on your application.



If you have voluntarily consented, your work may be exhibited on Ink Bowl’s official social media platforms.


No other personal information, such as your email, phone number, real name, location, etc., will be disclosed to third parties.

You verify that all the details you have provided on your application are accurate.


If you believe we've made a mistake in the publication process (i.e. formatting, profile information, etc.), email us at

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