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When everyone wept, my face remained


People in shock, still in pain

Grieving the child that was lost that day.

A numb state of mind

Beats the agonizing pain.

To me the day was ordinary,

it was all the same

Insanity running vulgar

with not one person to blame.

But, might I ask...

What do you see when you look at me ?

Nappy? Ignorant ?

Ghetto ? a Gangster ?

an Enemy ?— Reckless ?!

Im a nigg—

Back, BOP! Back, BOP!

Head, SHOT! Back, BOP!

He got SHOT—

We a target ?

You got us by a string

and never let go.

And inch us on so we won’t feel the string

As if we’re free

Get too comfortable, so you snatch us back.

Take back control.

So we wear a white tee and jeans

So it’s easier to see the blood runnin’ down

the seam

For only the court to deem “not guilty”

I surrendered a long time ago

Our fate was written in stone.

As I wait, I wear a white tee every day

Just enough to become a tired cliche.

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