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I Was Once Sick Outside the Glasgow Cathedral

I was once sick outside the Glasgow Cathedral

Moonlight filters into my mouth

I taste stars and talk utter shit

Liquid loveliness: all good poets

Have a vice, don’t they?

‘The Sunday Scarys’. What was I saying

Observe the Sabbath from the duvet,

Pray I hope nobody saw that Insta story

I shouldn’t mix tequila and Chardonnay

When its not long afternoon, I’ll rise

And the vertical regret takes on a blur

It comes with a hot groan, the ill shakes

Loose metronome pulse making its way to your ears

Before the purge and the porcelain,

The grout and cracked tile make patterns of my skin

Reconcile the white with the new bruise

Before the letters light-up green: green as prohibition

Buchanan green, bile-slick ketamine street green

Whose out tonight? Fancy a bev?

Say, Union at 9pm?

Like Humpty, and his ten green bottles on the wall

We’ll fall off the wagon for it all over again

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