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Draped On My Bones

TW: Violence

Not all fears are outgrown, and one does not have to cut them to keep living. The poetry collection "Draped On My Bones" explores different fears intricately connected to the human body. The proof of fear lies within the unspoken spaces and shades of the figure. And as it shadows the very vessel of our being, fears play a crucial role in our choices, words, and other decisions.

Notably, it can be rooted in traumatic experiences and bring about flashbacks that cause terror. But sometimes, it can be the driving force to continue or be the foundation of one's strength.

The collection does not tackle whether it is more fear-based or strength-sourcing. Instead, it chooses to enunciate that there are fears that stay within our lives forever. It is very much possible to live and prevail while grappling with phobias. There’s no shame in having it draped on our bones.

I. Mute Order

Staple lip against the other

Plaster them over old wound

Leave a taste of tarnished maroon

The steps to a mute order

First eight hours with the lips sewn tight

Air barely stays in body

Like labyrinths, paths, a study

Yet string doesn't set things right

Stomach howls wolf but she cares not

For the thirst for words sharpen

Scrape at throat like bitter bourbon

Yet stays in silence to rot

The hammering heart hides a crypt

In spaces, no ear listens

Where her bystander admissions

Lay to rest, like all hush-lipped

Follow these vows for mute order

Glimpse shackles in teeth chatters

Phrases pound, cause heart murmur

Quiet - a serial murder

II. Barefoot Marathon

Hands reach for stones to excuse

Gravity's grip from barefoot boy

Purple feet with staining bruise

Frontline's experience in deploy

Be blind to absence or lone

Keep pushing on land versus wind

Even when clean breaking bone

If tears synonymous with skinned

Outrace yesterday's ghost

And win over future's victor

Exceeds yet calls it almost

Does barefoot marathon once more

World knows he loses to none

But never wins to anyone

Boy ignores, does one more run

Plays like Icarus and his sun

III. Draped On My Bones

Draped on my bones is my skin

Where people's hands' caressed and pinched

Concealed organs, and other cut-ins

Canvas of me in each inch

Figure parallel to theirs

Yet clearly mine, yours, no in between

Labeled by self-intimate affairs

Fear's touch in stretch marks they've seen

Yellow shades at soles clearest

Meanwhile, pale lips hold the most creases

Spot kaleidoscope eyes easiest

Ten fingers wrong most pieces

Anatomy bared the I

With darker secrets nobody asked for

Labels of Phobos, no more reply

Despite the trauma we wore

Draped on my bones evermore

Are manic shadows impersonating fear

Declared sole body for blood and gore

Fleshed out shape akin to gear

Will I ever live without my bones?


Therefore fear will accompany


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