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Yours, Anteros

This poem is inspired by personal experiences in my life related to the toxicity of love and male influence that has affected my conscience and ability to love and forgive. The poem signifies that forgiving and forgetting are not interchangeable.

i am your afterthought.

an unattainable obsession that grew

with the temperament of a winter storm.

how you imitated a martyr,

loved so blindly with a capacity

only a shepherd could withhold.

with shallow breaths i walked ashore,

violent waves crashing,

befriending the cries of

a rose burdened with thorns.

a blizzard with vile volatility,

it is cold and blue like the words i wrote

in our narrative tragedy.

i don't think you thought about it then,

but i suffer from the effect of a heart

still searching.

if i am your epilogue,

i'm glad we were the prologue,

and in those chapters between

you have received a verdict

that blinds the fate of your genocide.

for i have loved a dead man

longer than he truly lived.

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