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Woeful Reverie

TW: Mental Health Disorders

Sometimes it isn't the other person who has created circumstances that force you to let them go, but what feels like fate's decree. All you can wish then is for no misunderstanding during your final goodbye. You know that this person- who is so significant to you- may misapprehend your intentions and sentiments. No common words could bring them to see that you don't mean them harm, that this isn't to hurt them. They still mean something to you. "Woeful Reverie" is about fearing that miscommunication could potentially have irreversible implications.

I'm staring out the windows

Of our reverie

At the misty clear future

I was always never ready for

These floors covered with blankets

These walls filled with carvings, tapestries and our hues

Your soul always ready to envelop me

Will all bleed

The blood reaching for my hands, my eyes

Would I be able to wade past it to you?

Would my hands know how to soothe your wounds new and old?

Would the blood taint your vision?

Or would you see me draped in black cloaks?

Ivy constricting my tongue, my heart, my hands

Would I be able to drain the blood from your eyes?

Will you see my hands and heart are as soft

For you as they ever were?

I wish to leave your shoulders blanketed with faith

Life will move us past our woeful reverie

And we'd be nothing but a silver stitched in our books

Nothing but a miracle

Can save us from the thorns in my heart

Nothing but divinity

Can crack through reality

And write us back in our books

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