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With You, Its More Than a Moment- Its a Whole Lifetime

They will come back, I promise to you. You just have to let them find you back.

Glare at yourself.

Smile unsurely.

Count your breaths.

Wherever you may be, call it "now".

Treat him as a guest.

Invite him into your house, greet them at the door.

Pour out drinks and re-tell tales of days past.

Call his name in a crowd:

"Now!" "Now!" "Now!"

He'll listen back, retracing his footprints back to you.

Be vulnerable with him,

that's what he wants to hear.

Love his presence so much

you'll never want to leave.

Grip and take his right hand,

hold on for dear life.

Display him like a weathered trophy on the glass shelf.

Call him nicknames like;

"a prize for making it out alive".

And when he ceases to stay still,

hesitate but let him leave.

For you now know:

To never doubt if you had lost him,

You just have to allow him to find you back.

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