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Willow Bread

As a kid, my family was financially struggling. We sometimes went to the mall for a grocery run, and my sister and I begged my mom to go to the local bakery. As we were a bit behind in rent, etcetera, we couldn't really afford more than necessary, so we usually had to share a pastry. And the case was I wanted willow bread while my sister wanted twist bread. And so, the story emerged.

Here is a story of a kitchen boy

So used to stealing leftover pastries

From tea gatherings

Kicked out from the foster house

He is

On a journey to find ingredients

To make a willow bread

But he stumbled upon people struggling

Seven abandoned, hungry kids

And so he struggles


When he realized

The dough he made can feed ten kids

If he were to make a sourdough instead

But all the boy wanted

Was a willow bread

And all he ever wanted

Was just willow bread.

So he chose to feed the kids

And starved himself instead

When asked, “why?” he said

“Willow bread is just bread .”

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