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Where Did We Go Wrong?

Once upon a time,

A girl grew up being told that she had “such a pretty face.”

Only her face

Because her tummy was rounded like the edge of an apple

And her thighs jiggled back and forth as she walked

You couldn’t see bones poking through thin skin

And her arms were full and meaty

But her face - it was beautiful

A perky little nose that twitched as she spoke

And high risen cheekbones with a heart shaped face

Her skin was like milk, her complexion - tan and rosy

With pursed, full cherry red lips

And her bright twinkling blue eyes were the second thing people noticed

The first of course, being her figure

But my, my what a pretty face!

They always said that her mother

looked good for her age

But she didn’t look good

Because she had loose, flappy skin and stretchmarks on her tummy

Her once big, beautiful, lion’s mane blonde hair was riddled with grays which she tried desperately to conceal

Her skin was peppered with blotchy, coffee colored sunspots

And her forehead had fine lines which wrinkled more when she spoke

But for her age, she looked good

Her body was strong and lean - she starved for it

And many vials of botox attempted to keep her smile lines under control

The stitches in front of her ears pulled her skin back like a mask

And her bathroom was filled with little white and blue bottles labeled “anti aging” and “miracle serum”

And the frown constantly plastered on her face was the second thing people noticed

The first of course, being her age

For her age though, she looked good

And her best friend was always told

How beautiful she was

Never anything else

Because her long, slender legs reached to the sky

And her bouncing black curls were never frizzy, always perfectly twisted in place

Her dark mocha colored skin was soft and untouched by flaw’s hand

And her curves were perfectly proportioned to her impossibly tiny waist

They didn’t notice that she loved to read books about magical fantasy worlds

Or that she went to therapy after school on Tuesday

They didn’t notice that she was insecure and shy

Or that she didn’t like to go to parties or dates with boys and other such pretty girl things

Her personality was always the second thing people noticed

The first of course, being her beauty

Where did we go wrong?

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