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We Live For Those Who Covid Not Before

This is a poem about the first school dance that happened at my high school after lockdown. Everyone was so glad to be able to be together and celebrate again that no one held back. I wanted this poem to capture that feeling of freedom and joy.

At school you're often




But here

Here you're blooming again

Like the roses that this ball is built around

I'm losing my mind in this city of roses

You seem more alive here

Like someone finally let loose the fire in your soul

Swirling your sparkling skirts on the dance floor,

I can almost see the worries leave your weary


The way steam rises off coffee

Your eyes glow gold and brown

More stimulating coffee for those around you

Though no one needs it

We've all had our sparkling cider

And the energy from our dancing,

Withheld so long by Covid,

Is enough to power the whole wide world

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