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Carved in stones, a lone tear

escaped. Powerless pleas ploughed

deep within the cave. Meaningless

strolls crowd the streets, all

but one without a shade.

Always deserted.

A dark soul, who could it be?

Pleading the innocence, why didn’t it weep?

Parting in silence, when was farewell bid?

Was it, perhaps, in the blindness of the moon?

Strained in struggles, man kneels

to the stature of a man much more powerful.

Left to demise, the stream engulfed the shore

and set out to sail the life of the dead.

Clueless sights paroled the scene

with knowing hearts in secret.

Petrified the coward roars, would the wounds heal?

Paled in presence, the wild boar dies.

Bared in silence a drowning river -

Sanctioned to remorse, will there be rain?

Leaves without fragrance, crowing

down the sight and into nothing

Perplexed to counter the forced light

A closet of demons descended

Trapping the traces of the scares inflicted -

Dodged in daylight, chased in darkness

Condemned to be in pain, why is the soul so calm?

Sorrowed fate, could it be altered?

To be or not to be, why is that the question?

When none are needed, how present all are.

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