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The first notion I want to drive home via this poem is that your failure in one aspect is the first step of your success in another one. Secondly, only you can help yourself to eradicate the darkness from your life (one can be helped if only they want to be helped). Others might or might not believe in you but you need to continuously have faith in your abilities! And only then can others put their faith on you!

As the others enjoy the night

I cannot but behold the sight

Dark as it becomes then

I shiver and whimper in fear

and so I crouch in the corner.

It's all happening again

Hands-on ears and closed eyes

I battle hard to shun the cries

and those flash up of an image

I’m hallucinating my failures

the dismay, horrors, and terrors

When darkness looms large.

All of the haunting words of condemn

wails of distress and giggles of disdain

Echoes loud and never-ending

The fallen faces and gazes of ignominy

My desperate move to end it all, finally

Comes to light in the darkening.

“Failures are for losers,” they taught

“I cannot but ever fail!” I’d thought

I dread failing; being a loser!

Whenever I ponder “What if I fail?”

The darkness replies; tells the tale.

Fails can ne’er be to me ever.

O! What fool of me to think so lame!

For it did arrive, the day of shame.

Can one forever escape failure?

Yes, I’d failed! All of those were true

All the premonitions came through

And how the naïve heart ails!

I’d confronted and combatted it

steadily, conquering it, bit by bit

At last, I defeated it, YES!

emerging to be much stronger

fathoming the truth of failure.

Sowing the seed of success!

But those sights still do appear

Darkness descends, whenever

But scares me no more

For along with it also recurs

my victory against the fears

I’d fought it to the core.

Darkness has had its own beauty.

It pacifies me with its tranquility

Now, in it, I find peace.

So! At night I sought no sunlight,

relished in the serene moonlight.

Fears? I have got this!

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