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To My Lavish Rose Quartz Sky

I love few things quite like borderline darkness

The promising


Winter 7 am dusk

Or the

Relaxed anxious excitement of

8 pm summer nights

The smallest shred of light peers out from behind its curtain.

I love when the sky goes that

Blush brushed beautiful

A sharp inhale of astonishment

At that choke-on-your-bubblegum colored

coral, citrus, and blue

The one of a kind masterpiece that frames the air

of an august dream.

More striking than any

Leak from the palms of

man, woman,

picasso, da vinci, monet

A kind of unique

Almost as incapable of being replicated

As the human

matching every shade of pink

tracing every wisp of cloud

Onto tight canvas.

Not even a rigid sail

or the needle of a high rise

Could pierce that impossible to ignore perfection

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