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Thorns or Roses

On the alluring night,

I gazed at the two roads in affright

Shall I g0, this way. or take the detour?

"Oh sweet lord, whom shall I ask?"

For this is a decision one should ask oneself

The fates have spoken

Threads of destiny woven

For the allotment of mv misery is greater in one

With masked desires and trembling feet

I look into the future and there I am-

safe but unfulfilled

But then thorns have aways been more

captivating than roses

For if a man is bound to choose, he shall

always choose the one that thrills his heart

Decades thereafter, the soul will look back

at when the mind was puzzled

A nostalgic smile with wrinkled eyes is all I

shall use to reminisce

For my life is something out of a fairytale

And it all comes back to the thorns

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