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This Fight For Love

This poem is about a relationship that's broken. It talks about the difficulties the two encountered in that relationship and the narrator refers to the other as the enemy. The poet still has faith in their love but needs the partner to be equally committed to their relationship.

The enemy wears many faces but this time it came

in a form of your infidelity.

Broke my heart(left me vulnerable) in the middle of

the war...

We gave that round to the enemy and watched as it

stripped the title off of our relationship, but still..

That didn't kill our love

Our imperfections were the enemy in it's truest


That battle was hard to overcome but we

persevered and pulled through that fierce form

which made us doubt each other's trust, taking

away the one thing keeping this love intact, but still.

That didn't tear us apart

This war has lasted for longer than just a while; so

much so we have lost the purpose of fighting

For love was never meant to be fought for; for this


I was hoping the last form would be this distance

between us but I've realised that it has brought

more men to fight than I had expected.

Now it has minions trying to turn us against each

other as if we are not one.

I'll always fight for our love but the enemy stands

undefeated until you take your stand besides me

and help me conquer the enemy in all it's forms and

save our love.

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