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There is a Delicate and Secret Art to Bullshitting Through Life

A prose inspired by the amazing phenomenal poem "The Table" by Ezra Pound, this work is a collection and manifestation placed into words of almost everything I want to be heard but never had the chance to say.

A lone figure entered the grocery store

With an empty cart and list in their hands;

They laid down a loaf of bread

And a tray of fruits into the basket,

They stowed the shopping announcements

From the overhead speakers into the cart too.

In there they put the 3 missed morning alarms,

In there they put the used backspace button,

In there they put the feelings that still lingered,

In that cart lies their dreams both ideal and realistic.

Every single moment that happened in their life;

Meaningful or Insignificant,

With Content or With Regret,

Purple or Blue, Chocolate dipped or Jam filled,

They placed it in the cart irrespective of its trait.

The one cheesy love song they listen to on repeat,

And the song that made them cry for days on end,

Even the very act of shedding those tears

They entered the confines of the evergrowing cart.

The countless days they wanted to spend

With those they loved and cared for,

They nestled the spending of those times into the cart.

The person they met in their dreams

That gave them the answer to life's mystery

They placed them into the cart.

So many nights they spent wailing over past woes

And so they put the hours 12 am to 4 am into the cart.

And their wish for today and tomorrow,

And the hope that life will turn out well,

And the empty blank sheet that they call the future,

All went into the cart.

When asked whether they wanted plastic or paper bags,

They indeed placed the question into the cart as well.

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