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The Seasons Of Us

Change is apart of living. It something we can not avoid and something that happens naturally. The seasons perfectly reflect the ever-changing nature of a human being and how sometimes relationships that start off as warm and sunny end in bitterness. As the seasons change, we change with the seasons.

I watched the seasons change us;

first came the spring,

the incipient of it all, so virtuous.

As the timorous April rain fell ever so delicate,

a vivid memory encapsulated my mind, the infatuation.

It was so suffocating, but it was so new.

Like a blooming tulip on a unadorned field of green,

the exchange of passing glances,

the smell of anticipation in the air,

I wonder if you felt it too?

I watched the seasons change us,

the summer had arrived,

liberating felicity, bright yellow rays.

I took your hand in mine as the balmy July sun

laid a kiss upon our blushing faces.

Those were our halcyon days, the sweeter

nectar of nothing but pure freedom,

there is no place I would rather be.

In your arms, I felt untouchable-

It was you and me in our own sanctuary of affection,

you wounded me, I fell for you.

I watched the seasons change us,

the autumn appeared.

The once verdant leaves embodied now the

wilting brown,

but yet the kisses you lay upon my body are

foreign to me.

As the October air grows cold, you grow colder,

my worries flood my mind.

But when I look into your eyes,

I still feel nothing but love

The nagging whispers that torture me disappear

with the passing wind,

because your heart belongs to me and I know

we are going to be alright.

I watched the seasons change us,

the winter is here,

the esoteric white, the bitter end.

The December chill is unforgiving, and sadly for me,

you are too.

The snow fell soundlessly as you left through the

door that morning,

taking all the burning tenderness in me with you.

I thought to myself this was it, the denouement.

Underneath my heart of fire, only ice,

nothing more.

The gaze that once rendered me weak, fills me

with a cold, cold hatred.

I watched you leave, and I let you.

I watched the seasons change us,

Nothing else remains.

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