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The Orchard of Oranges

We are all made to believe that adversities are a part of life and that they lead you to your destiny. They say what doesn't kill you makes you strong. But I like to differ. What doesn't kill you leaves you with layers of trauma. This poem marks my disagreement.

"Oh! Swim across the brook.

Grab the sword of wisdom,

Slay those demons one at a time.

Sound of lashing water

Might render you helpless.

Ah! Tread past it all.

Ascend the valley.

At the end of it all, I shall deliver

The Orchard of Oranges. Call it life."

Oh! The brook.

I swam across it,

Fought the demons withal

The broken sword.

With each curl of water,

Insanity crawled in through my lug.

Ah! Now bring it to me,

The Orchard of Oranges.

Let me burn it to brown

And call it destiny.

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