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The Meadow

One summer my friends and I explored the forest and creek behind my house. We spent all afternoon out there singing songs and telling ghost stories. I miss that feeling of simple joy and peace with nature. Now, I spend all my time inside studying.

Whatever happened to the meadow?

To the beautiful spring days of our childhood.

Whatever happened to the autumn leaves?

Falling and swirling in variegated shades of

russet, gold, and amber.

Whatever happened to the winter nights?

Snuggling under a blanket together with

warm cups of cocoa.

Whatever happened to the summer sun?

Beating down on our backs when we swam in

the backyard pool.

What happened to the days where we didn’t

have to worry about grades or responsibilities?

Days we danced and laughed and played

without a care in the world.

Whatever happened to nap time and snack break?

We used to run and jump and chase each other

through the woods, but

Now there’s homework, exams, essays, and

research papers due everyday, and

We hardly have the time to talk to each other.

We should go back to the meadow, you and me.

No one but us and our dreams.

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