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The Experiment

I gaze longingly at the splashes of light as they follow my movement in this emptied room, slithering in corners I have kept well hidden.

Gazing - because I am out of this body, yet still in its possesion.

Longingly - because I dare to think of the moment I shall immerse myself in it.

It - the luminous body, the purified version of this impractical real-time monitorised body. This real-time breathin in and out body. This real-time aching mass of bones and flesh body. The vessel for my ambushing intrusive thoughts while thinking of purer things, such as this light. Mellow yet forceful, making its way into my insides. I open my forehead to let it wash over me.

A purification of the finest ones must take place in this emptied room.

I am alone, yet doubled by another me. My shadow self, tangible sometimes. My light self. Do I become more myself?

I dress myself in this light. The mirror encaptures a reflection of myself in light enlight enlightened energised enlarged larger and larger. I fill the room with me myself material immaterial and seep deep through the concrete. I love my home. I leave my home. I flow through the wind. I spread my fingers wings to other corners.

To live a little life in every big capital of the world. Forever fascinated by other cultures. Forever envious of strangers walking the same roads every day without being immersed easily in the beauty around them. Without taking a moment to just breathe in? Am I also doing that? Rushing no stopping on the way to appreciate the small little things?


Breathing in the pollution and the viruses? Admiring ruins broken by vegetation? Or maybe the perfectly symmetrical glass skyscrapers? The urban dream as a labyrinthic jungle, aggresivly neon-lit and never silenced, not even when everyone is as sleep? This city never sleeps, you say.

This is why I do this experiment. Becoming a light bulb big enough to be seen from anywhere, any distance, any borders.

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