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The Battle of Adowa

This is not the story of Romeo and Juliet,

where love is not a right

This is about a cruel Societal denial of the freedom to have

a Shakespeare's kind of African touch!

In the cool Savannah rush

lies to lovely birds

Whispers ordeals and stories

Happiness from the smallest of touch

that their hearts made,

even when things would get worse

Sparks and strings of fire

burning up the nearby grass

Consuming their worldly part

She changed his forever love

From daisies to Jasmine want

Rose's, losing scent to words

Blunt enough to sharpen sharp

Butterflies, green pixie dust

Goodbyes not meant for eternity,

filled with love you's till Infinity

Cloud checks!!!!

Winds, stormy seas and timeless feels

Darkness, the beginning of soundless symphonies

Endless, quiet moonless breeze


they forever saw

Each smiling captured by the fateful void

Smiling for it was worth their time

Sunsets, affection

No peace of mind


Gone was he with no sign

No letters, No nothing, No goodbye.

Just one message;

"Gunshots from afar

A far inner land"

As tears washed down her black,

she felt anger and hatred for the foreign man

Guilt for his depart

Many nights, memories!

Intense fights to read and write

Letters! She wrote and piled

Each day to Adowa

To the emperor

of her now breaking world

But each day, pin drop

The wind and sea tried to answer her blanks

When the guns went silent,

the world watched the seeds of war

But she was worried, for

he had not answered any letter

Letters that she had beautifully signed with love

She stood by the horizon each day waiting-

Waiting for a sign-

waiting for a life tears and fear burdened her tender heart

But she held her hand,

like they used to in the yellow savannah land

He died not because of physical pain

Death of the heart

Death of ones name

He had been wounded

long before the day of Adwa

Unfinished letters can tell it all

He now sees her withered heart

from up above!

"A sword in his hand

stabbing his heart"


Memories, wailing, not comforting

Her already numb spirit

And on that silent night,

with a rope instead,

she set on a journey to her best, best, best


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