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Take Me Swiftly So

I've always felt this unexplainable, constant pain. Consequently, I've developed a fear of losing the hurting to which I'm so familiar- even as it eats away at me. Simultaneously, I fear its presence is perpetual. "Take Me Swiftly So" is an exploration of these feelings.

Death finds me times I breathe,

Consumes a surge of scrutiny of the lie,

Take me swiftly so.

Collapses the towering of emotions into a sea,

Almost find myself grinning to the cry,

Death finds me times I breathe.

A sense of calm helps to see,

All the striving gone awry,

Take me swiftly so.

Maybe a human flaw deceives me,

Thinking why hearts desire to fly,

Death finds me times I breathe.

A sudden experience I can't flee,

Another oasis appears and turns dry,

Take me swiftly so.

An anxious greed yet, lies a glee,

To be hoping for a vacancy,

Death finds me times I breathe,

Take me swiftly so.

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