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Swearing in Secrecy

In another life, I think,

In another life, I think

of happier things and so on,

But that is not my life

and cannot give me any comfort,

Hence i am lonely, left with

sodden disappointment,

And hopeless and helpless,

All solace in me empties

as if fulfilling my wishes

of a life farther than time.

The present rises in a rage,

Feeling abandoned and betrayed,

My dreams are only mocking,

Mimicking more innocent days,

The nights are teasing,

Tasting bittersweet sin

in a quiet inexplicable fashion,

I have descended easily

drunken and drowned:

in company of stranger friends,

I have raised hell mistakenly.

Herein I give in to my deeds:

What's done is done and it is what it is,

What shall be, shall be without any exception,

Not for my cause nor for my effect

but only, simply a solemn consequence.

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