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A poetry piece that attempts to decipher and portray the chaos present in our society and humankind's meek attempts at survival.

It was Almaty this time,

A protest over fuel price hike.

And Kazakhstan fell-

a riot for Survival.

Crowds unrest, teeth bared,

Violence innate.

Tear gas canisters-

bullets and bodies.

A cycle that will repeat. Humanity-

Primal instincts overtaken.

Claws and teeth, hands and pickaxes

Survival over democracy.

And a government to be toppled

Will retaliate back, Violence-

the ultimate answer, a tale

the same since the dawn of humanity

Maybe it will be Kerala next

Or Georgia or Lagos.

Be it a protest for food, rights, air-

Blood shall flow, if anything goes.

Just how much more to shed?

To survive? Be free?

A question left for the violence

that takes over.

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