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Today's ceaseless waves on the ferry pier's shores are sending out a signal that twilight is approaching;

The grey clouds' unstable form appears to be reaching out to embrace the Burflower tree.

The ferry boat beneath the azure sky offers the promise of two minds;

The final wave of the day has begun to break today at the beginning of the raging river.

The opaque droplets of the waves reflect the light of the jasmine flower's fragrant radiance

Wet feet on dry grass leaves become addicted to the feel of the designed knotted soil.

In turn, the manifestation of the most recent death can be seen today in the call of stars.

This is the result of the sunset at this moment, in search of the presence of the pole star.

The suffering that was imprisoned in the mind's hidden box was bid farewell by the setting sun

Day and night have an agreement that the light of joy shall shine through the night's silence!

All traces of the exhausting day are gone as the fascination of the rainbow slowly melts in the dusk shower;

The aroma of the sun is on the wings of every bird as they return one by one to their home;

After wiping out the moon's enchantment, all of the sailors return to their homes.

For the last time, cuckoo's song floats around.

With the images of the sunset pasted to their eyes, all the travellers make their way back home in the light of the firefly.

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