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Sugarcoated Farewell

Woke up feeling a bit dizzy but wholeheartedly breathless

What have I come to?

The jingly sound of sleigh bells is being repeated in a wave of crooked


Is that how it normally is?

I am looking at the slight ray of sunshine that found its way to my pale

colored wall.

Why is it today that is warm?

Am I losing myself or is it life that is blown?

Upon the glimmers of life that are being slowly sucked out of my soul

I could tell, I could feel nothing but my body absolutely paralyzed

People approaching. Screams arise. And brutal shouts that agonize the

ears of a country are disturbingly thrown

Why is it today that is different?

Why is it today that people’s looks are shredding my insides?

Am I, at last, losing my fight, or am I choosing peace to conquer me?

White walls surround me, they seem familiar

But who doesn’t familiarize the walls of a hospital?

I smile with so much surrender at the beautiful clips my mind is playing

Had my hands held, and all they said was farewell

But what a warm hand that held mine that my heart for a long while felt

warm too

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