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Space Man

I have always had a fascination with space as the celestial objects have a significant distance between them yet still have somewhat of a relationship. "Space Man" takes this distance and applies it to young teenage love.

To the one who left to fetch me

the Sun,

Did you respond with the wind?

Perhaps, you found it of more use

And my dear, throughout your

contemplations as you ventured,

did you manage to

see me any better?

As you went to fetch the Sun,

Did the expanse of the unknown

terrify you?

Begrudgingly, you surmounted,

tethered to where you began.

Or was it my happiness that

wasn’t worth an eternal sunset?

The lack of perspective that sets apart

rises and falls,

days and nights,

the sun and moon,

and you and I.

Yet everything else seems to be harmonious,

Untouched by ignorance, fixated

on their counterpart

They all just seem to exist.

But you, you are the man who fears space

yet manages to make more between us.

The sun doesn’t just supernova.

It leaves its stardust for others just like it to recollect.

Maybe it’s inspiring.

But when our hearts are scattered amongst the cosmos,

They will find the love they deserve:

An eternal nebula,

A rebirth celebrated by a vivid aurora.

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