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Some Misplaced Feeling

I heard the echo of wind chimes

dancing in the winter breeze

Singing a song so ancient

that it edged forgotten


It tugged at something buried deep

Having made a home within the

dark crevices of my mind-

Forgotten fragments of a faded memory

I couldn’t quite grasp

They had been lined like China in harmonious order upon storied shelves-

bleached by years of ardent sunlight,

the color evaporated

Recollection was fleeting as snow caught on your sleeve,

Its cosmic prisms dissolving

into undefined space-time;

An unrecognizable, liquidated leftover of what was

Foggy, as soft exhale on a winter window

The hot breath barely present, spilling

like smoke between parted lips and fading in the cold

You could reach out to touch it, sure-

Press your hand to the glass,

feel for something that will slip through your fingers

Leaving them raw and numb

with the reminisce of a feeling

you’ve seemed to misplace

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