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She, A Women

Nothing is sufficient to thank her. The devotion and determination that a woman dwells in her heart is priceless. The elegance with a firm belief makes her the aura of love. Her endurance gives birth to the world.

She, A flower

Blooms well blossoms well enough,

Turns entire redolent that ambrosial aura of her ,

An eternal belle she glints regardless of any spring or autum,

Holds it together the abiding beauty of patio.

She, A star

Gleams enough glows well enough

Fluoresce the night sky yet glittering the day one,

A perpetual celestial mothering the total cosmos,

So affectionate of her nurturing us to glisten ably shine aptly.

She, A warmth

Benigns enough genials well enough,

Each gelid is mellow now that warm hug of her,

She, A strength

Encourages enough heartens well enough,

Pep fills the soul those cheering pats on shoulder,

"She is behind the success of a man" as said,

Its a flop and she is there to buck up and effort again.

She, A woman

Famine enough courageous well enough

Brings us holds us solaces us tenders us she an eternal cordial,

All a trivial she brings a meaning to it and the epitome,

She is you she is me she is a women.

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