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Sea Wishes

"The sea is vast and beautiful.. Why not join it in another lifetime?"

You ever wish you were born in the sea?

There's silence occasionally broken by a wave crashing up on the banks..

Or whales blowing water into the air..

But... It seems so peaceful.

You just exist..

You don't need or want anything in particular..

Maybe your next meal but that's pretty much it.

You're just existing...

You get to swim in the cold icy water during night time and watch the stars..

And during the day you feel the soft sun break through the surface and twinkle like a thousand stars against the shells lining the ocean beds..

But all you're doing is just existing till one bday you're not

... But you don't really care about it cause you don't need or want a meaning..

You're just flowing wherever the waves take you...

I wish I could not exist like this...

I kinda just wanna be reborn as something..

Anything that's not me...

That's happy...that's about as calm as chaos...

Honestly.. I wish I had gone somewhere to call home.. I wanna not try to find my purpose...or need one..

I don't want the meaning... I just wanna be somewhere.

That Somewhere isn't all that important when you're use too

Nothing being Something...

I suppose the sea sounds pretty.. I think the stars twinkle brightly against the crystal cobalt blue night sky that looks like it touches the sky against the water and the moon greets you every night casting a soft hue..

A thousand.. Not a trillion stars light up and cut through that stark deep black of the night time sky..

The sea... Sounds so pretty..

I believe..


Next time...

I will be..

I could be..

I Wish…

to be a part of the Sea..

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