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Reborn In Spring

Reborn in spring' is a story of a lover who is not ready to give upon his lost love. Through the seasons, through the colors he will find his love.

Some sheets of the mist yet

to be dispersed, last dew drops yet to be fallen

and receding winter is yet to send the final

shivers down his spine.

Carrying colors all dry and canvas all frozen he

wishes to paint his own spring with his fingers

turned numb and brittle, a spring one of its kind.

Dragging some blue down the snow laden

mountains, he painted the river fresh and clear,

flowing and splashing a symphony

absolutely divine.

Blowing some brown and shades of green, he

would paint the forests lush with bright golden

butterflies flying beyond the space,

flying beyond the time.

To bring about the mornings, he who kept

yellow deep in his pockets throughout the winters,

painted the sun a little warmer and with

a brighter shine.

Sprinkling some more glitters around in the

clear sky over a night he would not sleep, he

painted the moon full, cold and tinged red hot

with some burning wine.

And to wipe the colors off his fingers, he would

paint her, his love, into an evening, calm after the chaos,

vaporized dark brown with some coffee,

smooth and fine.

Born in autumn, bleak and dull grey, reborn in

spring, he threw the left over colors into the air,

some smoked tan for her body and vibrant grey

for his own mind.

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