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Quiet Screams

This poem is about something happened to me, some seasons ago and forever changed me. I am now somewhat allergic to male existence, I'm trying to cope and poetry helps me due so.

Sitting here for the past two and a half years

More I focus on it

The more it seems a blur

Although I followed it all my life

It looks me straight in the eye giving me a death stare

A look holds ugly beauty

A look that is cold as glacier and hot as hell

I still have a taste of it on my tongue

It is like bitter honey dripping from it's eyes

I hear it all the times

It chirps in the morning to challenge the dawn

Screams in the afternoon under the scorching sun

And barks in the night in hate to full moon

To my wonder what it could be

It never turned out that way

I faced it yesterday

I face it today

I happen to face it tomorrow

I shall face it through all my life

I try to hold it

Ouch! It has thorns bedded in it

I look to a tiny dot of blood on my finger

Nevertheless, I turn my face from it

To not hurt by it is to not look at it

Was the biggest lie I whisper to my ear

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