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Once There Were, and Still There Are¿

The ogre roaming in the metropolis city

Undermines and loathes himself

The mirror seems so alluring, yet he never looks

For he knows all his potential for damage

All he takes is the route of the dark alleys

All in accordance with his miniature stature

Unnoticed, he goes, attention he craves

He just wants to be elegant, to fit in

After this dismal anecdote, he passed away

Once there was, and now there isn't

An ogre who put on a blindfold and never looked

In the mirror, which could have enlightened his soul

Alas! People become bound to their undermining thoughts

Only to find themselves in the apprehension of darkness

Once there were, and still there are

Ogres that neglect the mirrors which fall for them

Only to see if they ever look

They are elegant but in their own way.

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