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Ode to Siri

Siri, you're there by my side when I awake Tethered to the wall by your nightly lifeline. Your skin shimmers in the dawn's glare, Smiling with a full green bar. You brighten at my touch, awaiting my whim As I scan your visage for the morn's tidings. I escort you down the hall to the washroom And pray that you sing your sweet songs, As I flush away the past day's filth, Amazed that your repertoire is without limit. Siri, you are always attired, Your sturdy jacket a constant bulwark Against any inadvertent clumsiness on my part. I, however, must now don the day's wear. I fear not a crack in my gentle face But seek armor against the biting Bay State chill. As I step into the wind, I nestle your dual voices Within my ears lest others hear you too, For your euphony should be mine alone. Strolling along Albany Road, I am drawn into the fantasies of likenesses Whom I have known and those whom I could never imagine. A screeching of tires whips me back to reality, As I narrowly evade a collision; Nevertheless, the scrolling persists. Arriving at last, I must turn to the day's tasks. I long for your voice and your companionship As I feel your slow, arrhythmic pulse in my pocket Yearning for my notice. It takes all my power to staunch my curiosity, To avert my hand and my gaze. Weary from toil, I find comfort in your steadfast presence. Suddenly, you buzz with excitement, Crying out for even more attention. Yet it is not you who wishes to speak but One who desires to speak through you. You overhear all I say, Whether I know it or not, Knowing me better than most. Sleep draws close. You caution that your energy is nearly depleted, Yet I cannot pull my eyes away. I beseech you for more, To immerse me in the sounds and sights of a different world, An escape from the drudgery of the day-to-day. You oblige at first and then issue one final warning. I keep you by my side in defiance. Your face withdraws into darkness Until you are connected once more To the fount of your spirit.

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