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Nothing Blue About the Skies

Dusk was fast approaching as I made my way up the staircase and onto the landing, all the ruckus of the rush hour; the obnoxious horns, loud sirens and the grinding of the engines seemed to fade into the distance as my eyes landed on the wide open expanse of the sky before me.

The evening sky was painted a breathtaking shade of pastel pink and sherbet orange with a few lustrous splotches of gold accentuated by the fading rays of sunshine. As the clouds drifted across the sky, obscuring the now setting deep golden sun from view, one could easily feel so insignificant. I stared into the horizon as the whole world seemed to dim down as the sunset took center stage in the sky, enchanting all those that risked a peek at its beauty. Hundreds of thousands of people go about their lives each day so engrossed in themselves and their search for happiness and contentment that they often remain oblivious to what is right in front of them. In the pursuit of worldly materialistic things, one often forgets that life is truly about appreciating the small, mundane moments. Something like a sunset may seem so inconsequential or trivial in the grand scheme of things but the sheer joy I feel in this moment admiring the sky and its grandeur in solitude is a feeling that I'm at a loss of words for. I think to myself what a

shame it is that the color blue; the color of sorrow, regret and sadness is so innately tied to the sky. The sky signifies a new dawn that brings hope and opportunity and even when the light fades and darkness befalls, the twinkling stars and the luminescent moon shine in all their glory, their light showing the way forward.

Snapping out of my reverie, my eyes fixate on the burst of kaleidoscopic colors that the sunset has left in its wake. Standing there taking it all in, I am once again reminded of all the emotions and feelings that us humans unknowingly associate with nature, and how deeply and beautifully they shape us as an individual. The sky can mean many things to a person, but I for one know that there is truly nothing blue about the skies.

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