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My Shaking Heart

See here in my heart, a sea full of tears

And pieces of fading shadow everywhere.

I want to cry and scream and pour all the pain out of my heart right here.

You can't imagine how much scary and painful it is to be silent and listen to your burning heart I swear.

I want to throw my words about what I always feel when my only dear heart starts to blare.

The fear in my silence,the sorrow in my eyes,have no words to explain this unending nightmare.

Now I am scared of the word 'Life' and why I am not dying, even seeing all my good memories disappear.

If someone gives me a second chance, I will never take it to be in the same sky with no stars,the chaos and living in warfare.

To me lying on broken glass seems easy but dying often with this broken and wounded heart makes me scared.

All the broken pieces of my soul that I have lost in my own dear world, how to fix them, they are nowhere.

I want to say goodbye to this daydreaming character and to this wild lair.

Why do I feel my heart when there is no love, affection even no sympathy in the air.

Ah! my shaking heart, its hard, its hard to breathe here and to find peace somewhere.

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