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My Favorite Summer Shirt

"My Favorite Summer Shirt" is a poem about my fears and how I live with them every day- How I cover them up and continue to live with them.

They said fear does not make you who you are

It’s you who makes up your fears

But my fears are creepily crippling me from the inside

Slowly, quickly trying to wear me down

I hide my fears by wearing it like my favorite summer shirt

The hint of black and blue and white and gray

My fears hide themselves by acting like it’s something I’ve braved upon

Something that I can proudly wear, no matter the occasion

My fears are my binding bed while I try to eat courage as my breakfast

No one will ever know how hard to battle getting up when your legs are shaking down

And no one will ever know how harder it is to sleep peacefully when your mind is shouting back

It’s scary, eerily scary

But my fears are like my favorite summer shirt, like I said

Who cares about the freezing cold of winter when you’re dead cold inside?

The fall represents my fears of endings, while my springs are my fears of new beginnings

And yet, I still wear them whole year round

My favorite summer shirt will turn ragged and dirty in the days to come

But the thing about this shirt of mine is that it will always hold a lot of memories

Maybe not the best of it but the nightmares in my daydreams

This shirt is my fears that scarred me for life, may outgrow, but will never be forgotten

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