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My Blues

A song.

Showed you all of my cards! Never showed anyone that I can gamble too

You took the cards and told the world about the


My ace was there but nothing can stop the world

from knowing!

King stepped in but got killed!

My cards are gone but my chess pieces are still


You played damn hard but couldn't pass the line

of defence I made!

One step forward and one backward with one

step forward and two step left..I placed my pawn

near your queen!

You can't block my knight my rook will guard

your king and my bishop will move faster than

your knight!

Wanna have a new ace but my Jack took the

matter in it's hand!

One by one killed your royals got killed, castling

over the battlefield!

Black jack is mine now even if the world have

joker, I have the blackjack in my palms!

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