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Mournful State Of Affairs

This poem addresses the state of life that we all are currently a part of- a world that we as a society have created which has now backfired on us.

Trust is a luxury these days,

Where we hardly trust what we say.

The constant pattern of deceive and be decieved,

Is driving all the reliance away.

Expectations are embodiment of heartbreak,

Still we often stay oblivious to this “mistake”.

It’s a pity how we can’t control our heart,

But, now, this sorrow is too much to take.

I am scared how love is being defined,

Lust sugar-coated is bestowed to mankind.

We are emulsifying toxicity into care,

And the true well wishers are hard to find.

Are we not even humans perhaps,

Just another word for red flags.

How we are constantly sinking in lust,

While hearts are being price tagged.

Dreams are being sold at the lowest price,

From a human we become products overnight.

It’s not a world but simply a market,

Fenced with dollars blocking away the light.

It’s not a career path but a race track,

Winning is a skill that we shouldn’t lack.

No one understands the pain of running,

But losing guarantees you numerous attacks.

Ego and self-respect look the same,

Misunderstandings are the one to blame.

Talking it out should have been a priority,

But communication is long gone from the frame.

Mental illnesses are being romanticized.

Young lives are being sacrificed.

No one gets the gravity of this situation,

Pain and agony is being fantasised.

All these services and facilities,

We are losing sense in the craze of utilities.

To me, villages still seem more peaceful,

While it’s just silent and lonely in the cities.

Day by day it’s getting scarier,

Where we are unwilling to understand each other.

All this confinement and endless contempt,

Will only embellish these existing barriers.

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