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Moments to Live

The old red tree, there is a girl and a boy

Hand in hand, head on shoulder

Promising their future

From making breakfast together

To having coffee in winter nights

Followed by the cuddles in the blanket

And if someone gets cold or sick

One would go make broth or hot soup for them

From discussing finances

To having quick goodbyes from the shower

And if someone forgets the keys just in case

They would rush over to hand them keys

For just maybe he needed that warm hug

That smell of vanilla cream she lathers on her skin

With a little kiss behind her neck to breathe the essence of hers

That scent of cologne that gives the hint of home

And he turns back just to have a final look

She tells him he looks good

In this white shirt, she gifted him on his birthday last spring

For the luxury of lavish life

Held in the moments in which

We just turn back to hold the essence of whole time

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