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Modern Feminist Adaption of Jane Eyre: Playwrite

A Modern Feminist Adaptation of the classic 18th century novel JANE EYRE by Charlotte Brontë.


Jane Eyre

Mr. Rochester

Alex Fairfax (the manager of the Thornfield hall hotel)

Helen Burns (a friend of Jane Eyre)

Miss Scatchered (teacher at the Lowood School)


Setting: Modern England, 21st century, 2010

(Jane is checking emails in the computer lab of her school Lowood, where she is doing Public Administration)

Jane: Thank God! I have found a better job than a waitress in a coffee shop, I am excited to work in Thornfield hall Hotel.

(Enter Helen, a friend of Jane)

Helen: Have you got any response?

Jane: Yes! (with enthusiasm)

Helen: Hurry up! Miss Scatchered is coming, if she finds us here we will be kept in a danger.

Jane: Oh Helen, why do you work for her? I promise we will leave this place soon and will find a better livelihood.

Helen: I have no other option than to work for her beside my studies and this disease will also not let me to work at any other place.

Jane: I promise we will find a better treatment for your disease.

(Enter Miss Scatchered)

Jane [continued]: I will rescue you from her.

Miss Scatchered: Who will rescue whom, and what are you two miserable creatures doing here? Helen, are not you supposed to gather files from my office?

Helen: I was ab…outt t.. (Says nervously)

Miss Scatchered: And you I think it is your working hour, why are you still here? (asks in a loathsome manner)

Jane: Just leaving (She replies with slight anger in her voice).

(They all leave)


Setting: Thornfield Hall Hotel

(Enter Alex Fairfaix, the manager and Jane Eyre)

Alex: Are you Jane Eyre, the women who applied for the receptionist job?

Jane: Yes.

Alex: Come, I'll tell you your work.

Jane: May I ask why this Hotel is situated in the countryside, far from the city?

Alex: It was a Manson inherited by Mr Rochester from his ancestors and he has decided to turn it into a hotel since he does not live here and only visits on occasion to keep an eye on.

Jane: I see. Thank you for considering me for this job, I will never disappoint you and your boss.

Alex: Alright then.


Setting: Thornfield Hall

(Enter Alex Fairfax, Jane Eyre and some workers of the hotel)

Alex: Everyone’s attention is required. Since Mr Rochester will be arrived at any time, I do not want any mess and everything should be in its proper place. I don’t want to give him the impression that we are not working properly in his absence. Clear?

Everyone: Yes sir.

Jane: Alex, may I ask one thing? There is a restricted area, why are people not allowed to go in the few rooms which are locked?

Alex: Well, there is a kind of danger that it. Focus on your work, no more questions.

Jane: I noticed a silhouette in the window of one of those rooms when I was walking behind in the garden.

Alex: Mr Rochester is just about to arrive. You should restrain yourself from asking such questions in his presence.

Jane: I just asked out of curiosity since I read detective stories and have a keen interest in the profession. Such creepy ideas just come to my mind all the time. (Laughs)

Alex: Better to pay attention to your work than playing the role of a detective. (Says in a harsh tone)


Setting: Thornfield Hall, midnight, and a storm has just blown in

(Enter Jane)

Jane: Why not visit that restricted area when no one is around? (Thinks out loud. She sneaks to the restricted rooms)

Jane [continued]: Why it feels as if there is a presence of someone. (Is startled by the noise of the thunderstorm and hears the sound of shoes approaching.)

Jane [continued]:: I should hide. (Someone comes towards the room and unlocks the doors)

Who could it be, since no one is allowed to go in these rooms, there might a mystery after all ( Jane leaves)

(Voices come from the room, a male and the shrieking voice of a female.)

Male voice: Because of these conditions I have to keep you in this room. Only, for this reason, I don’t come to Thornfield Hall.

Female voice: Go away! (A flask has been broken).


Setting: Early morning

(Alex calls everyone to the main hall)

Alex: I want to inform you all that Mr. Rochester has arrived early this morning and he wants to see every new staff. Jane, follow me since you are the only new member this year.

(Jane follows Alex to Mr. Rochester's room).

(Enter Mr Rochester)

Mr. Rochester: So, you are the new receptionist! I've come to know that you have quite a lot of interest in literature, especially in detective stories?

Jane: Yes!

Mr. Rochester: I would like a literary session with you tonight.

Jane: Ah! Yes, why not (surprisingly)

(Mr Rochester exits)

Alex: I didn’t know he has an interest in literature and he has never talk to any staff like this before. How strange.

Jane: I think I should tell you this. I was going to a nearby market a while back and met him. He had some issues with his car and I helped him.

Alex: Then I think you have impressed Mr. Rochester. (Alex laugh)

(Alex and Jane exit)


Mr. Rochester: Your information gives me the impression that you have done a lot of research.

Jane: Thank you, sir, it’s an honor.

Mr. Rochester: You may go, Miss Jane. Good night.

Jane: Why does my heart start beating so fast when he is around, it seems some force compels me towards him. (She thinks out loud, then hears noises from the restricted area)

What was that? I should check it out. ( She goes to the restricted room)

Jane: The door is unlocked, I should go in there since no one is around.

Female voice: You came again. I said if you come again I would kill you.

Jane: Who is in there, may I help you, lady?

Female voice: Who are you, good (something hits Jane’s hand, Jane runs and leaves the room)

Jane: I should have found out who she is and who went into this room that night. (Jane sees Mr. Rochester going to the garden and she instinctively follows him).

Jane [continued]: Mr. Rochester, may I speak with you?

Mr. Rochester: Miss Jane you are not supposed to sneak around in the hotel at this hour of the night! What do you want to say.

Jane: Ah, I shouldn’t discuss this thing with me, what if he dismisses job? (Jane thinks). Nothing sir, sorry to disturb you.

Mr. Rochester: We can have a walk if you like. (They walk in the garden)

Miss Jane, will you marry me? I can't keep myself away from you anymore.

Jane: What! (Astonished). I didn’t suppose such kind of question.

Mr. Rochester: Say yes, Miss Jane.

Jane: Please, give me some time. (Jane leaves)


(Enter Jane and Mr. Rochester)

Jane: Mr. Rochester, I accept your proposal.

Mr. Rochester: Then Congratulations, we are going to be married tomorrow.

(Late at night, Jane is at the reception, and she again hears voices from the restricted area)

Jane: I need to go there, (she sees Mr. Rochester coming from the restricted area). Why he was in there? I must learn about that lady.

(Jane enters the restricted room and sees that woman)

Jane [continued]: This lady reminds me of the story of “The Yellow Wallpaper”. I can't leave her like this, I must do something.

(Jane leaves the room and meets Alex in the hall)

Alex: Why you were there, it is restricted.

Jane: I want you to tell me who that lady is. I know Mr. Rochester is connected with it. Since I am going to be married to that man, it's my right to know everything.

Alex: Well, it is heard that the woman has gone mad and is restricted in that area to be cured. And I regret to say that she is also heard the is the wife of Mr. Rochester.

Jane: It's not true?! If it is then I want to help the woman by releasing her from this mental asylum. I am a woman and I can't let any other woman suffer from mental illness. This is the 21st century and people can't possibly still believe in this type of treatment for mental disease.


(Enter Mr. Rochester)

Mr. Rochester: Where is Jane? I have searched everywhere but I can't find her. (He goes to the restricted area and finds the door opened)

Bertha where are you, Bertha Mason! (Mr. Rochester runs towards the hall)

The End.

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