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hands at 10 and 2

processing each moment of sunshine as it passes me by

like the blurring houses and signs, houses with signs

filling the cup of jubilant freedom from which I sip

the summer days slip like sand through my fingers

desperately I try to capture something beyond the bounds of containment

each drink of indulgent memory longer than the last

severing my presence in reality

I wish I could wear the feeling of unrestricted happiness

slip it on like a jacket

but all I’m left with are the faint ashes on my sweater

an extracted specimen of what used to burn

I reach out in the dark, but can’t catch the ghost I thought I sensed

everything around me spinning so fast until

Sharp red snaps me out of a day dream

Desperately trying to freeze time

warm days return to their keepsake box

drowned out as I turn up the radio

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