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This submission is about it how people fear women and children abuse because there is no love in this world. If only we could let love lead then we could make the world a better place.


I can see womenfolk being compacted ordinary,

Children being raped now and then,

Fathers being fearful for their wives,

Community being in danger of their lives.

I see the tears of a damaged women,

I feel the pain of a shattered soul,

I hear the sound of fuming societies,

I feel the soreness of being compressed daily.

Why bring battle where there is none?

Why bring exploitation where there's none?

Why bring malevolent where there's none?

Why bring fragmented passions by rape?

Why bring hatred while you can adore?

Why bring venality while you can protect?

Why bring pugnacious while you can bring harmony?

Why bring jealousy while you can felicitate?

Sojourn all the rape!

For it only conveys odium!

Halt all the combat!

For there can be amity!

Sojourn all the malevolent!

End all the pugnacious!

Love one another,

Let love lead.

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