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Sticks crack, snap, and break apart under pressure. "Jonny" explores the progression of their relationship with a man who held various sticks over them.

Man with a scepter, a lone humble man

The ruler of life for whom they walk

Looked down from his perch and raised his head

In designation. Do what you have to do.

He asked. What do I have to do?

I asked. Throw me a lifesaver, I'm drowning here.

Bones won't keep my head above water.

I'm still breathing, but I won't float.

Man with a stick, yelled fetch and threw it far away

I'm man's best friend, I will come back

Chasing after someone's tail.

This is me trying

To make the impossible possible.

It's all in a day's work.

Granting master's wish, such a good boy

The boat is sinking, what a bad place.

Man, and his penchant for sticks

Got me sentenced, got me walking the plank

Leash tight, lost sight, least of all,

I'm not alright.

Knock, knock, anybody there?

I'm only a twig against sticks and stones.

One snap away. Don't poke the bear.

Knock out, the match is over. Man doesn't win when I lose.

Saved by the bell, left in the ring

My shattered soul.

Picks up the pieces and stabs him to Styx

Hit him where it hurts, I hit to my own beat

With these drumsticks, I write to Sandman

Let me rest, let me dream

Heart clenched and fist pumped high

The quicksand swallowed me whole.

Man with his crutch, alone humbled man

The head of the pack could barely walk

Looked up from his perch and bowed his head

In resignation. What have I become?

He asked. What have we become?

I asked. Throw me a lifeline, I'm dying here.

Hope keeps me from leaving you at sea.

I'm still seething, but I won't gloat.

Man with his stick, yelled fetch and threw it all away

I'm man's lost friend, I won't come back

Chasing after my own tale.

This is me getting another try

To make the possible not impossible.

It's all a work in progress.

I'm my own master, what a bad dog

The boat is leaving, such good riddance.

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