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It's The Dream


As on other days, I woke up with no headache

But there's something more today, I feel it

because I lived in it.

It's a Dream,

A dream that gives a sudden smile, a dream that

takes away my natural shine.

It's a Dream,

A dream of being alone, a dream of sitting

beside someone on the floor.

A dream that has a smile with the tears of the

one standing in the rain there.

A dream that shows the hell of the heaven, a

dream that reflects the fear of the seven.

It's all about a dream,

A dream that snatches the light of living, A dream

that teaches the devil's living.

A dream that fears love, a dream that left me

alone and numb.

It's a dream,

A dream that left me awoke, a dream that stress

me asleep.

A dream where blood flows like rivers, a dream

where everyone is taker not giver.

A dream where animals are loved for use, a

dream where humans too are confused.

It's about the dream,

The dream that take the child's smile, the dream

that left him responsible behind.

It's the dream,

Where I can't see my face, the mirrors are so

dark to express...

Where I walk without a partner, the road leads to

the doom of deaths...

Where I can hear wispers and cry,

Where I am silent and shy,

Where I am coward like a crow,

Where I am alone in the swallow,

Where I am standing like a scarecrow,

It's the beginning of death and sorrows.

It's all about the dream, I never borrowed.........

It's the dream..........

The dream......


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