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I have known you for some years

Beyond that I know not

I see the stars guiding my way

Beyond that I know not

It seems to me they lead to you

But how come you don’t feel me too

As far as I know

This is our tragic story

Beyond that I know not

I have looked for you in places

I have looked at you in faces

Beyond that I know not

You are either real

Or my imagination

Or maybe the inevitable end of me

Beyond that I know not

I want to consume you

And love you and end you

With my fire and my soul

Beyond that I know not

The fire in me

And the soul of me

Are maybe at war or in love

For they are the ones

Erasing my trace

Killing my dreams

And corrupting my pace

Beyond that I know not

Forgive me for I donot know any better

Than to love you

In ways that are distorted

And less taken

The path of sanity I have indeed forsaken

But forgive me for

Beyond that, I know not

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