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I Wanted To Be Your Love

The writing is based on imagination, love. İts about a girl falling in love but cant say it to that person and having to watch that person loving another girl.

Light preferred to scatter on your shoulder,

Light preferred to kiss your cheeks,

Ligkt quietly collected your shadow to fill my heart;

When your face betrayed the sadness,

When your tone was different from usual,

I thought how to bring back your smile;

I wanted to be your love,

The winding alleys we once walked through, staring at each other,

In these absurd details,

Where hope is hidden?

I quickly moved into your heart,

But you didn't accept the invitation with no regret,

I could've given you my all,

No matter where the end was, the road would've been filled with sweetness;

I couldn't conquer your love,

And you hid the words I do for someone else,

But no matter what I'll be waiting in those winding alleys we once walked through,

And be waiting for your exclusive sweetness.

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